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DIANA princess of wales

as a child she was beautiful, she was glamorous and she was loved the world over for her warm heart and her generosity. the girl who became in her short life the people’s princess was born lady Diana spencer, on 1st july 1961. she was the third daughter of earl spencer and his first wife. although the family home was althrop in northamptonshire, Diana spent a lot of time on the queen estate at sandringham. she played with prince andrwe and prince Edward and she called their mother aunt lilibet.

the teen years

Diana was never academic. she was a quite, shy girl who loved music and ballet and young children. so when she left westheath school in 1977(the year she met prince charles), she took a job as nursery teacher in pimlico. she wasn’t there long before rumours began to spread about a possible romance with the heir to the throne. but the romance was slow to start. then she went for a holiday to the queen Scottish home, balmoral. the royal watcher woke up. at one bound, Diana took centre stage in the spotlight of press attention.


privacy was a thing of the past. whatever Diana went shopping, going to work or out for the evening there was always someone with camera not faraway. the rumours strengthened, and Diana had to cancel a skiing holiday because of the publicity. then at least, in February 1981, the engagement between Charles and Diana was announced. all seemed set for a happy ending. they planned to marry on 29th july.

the royal wedding

the world looked forward to Diana’s wedding, and loved every minute. seven hundred million peple around the globe watched the ceremony on television. the service was relayed to the hugw crowd outside st paul’s cathedral, who could be heared joining in the responses.

children of her own

Diana was happy woman when her children came along. she proved to be watchful, caring mother who gave them a great deal of time. when her first son William was only a baby, she and Charles even took him on an Australian trip.

leading fashion

wherever Diana went, women were eager to see what she was wearing. her hairstyle, shoes, jewelery and indeed her entire wardrobe were admired and copied

huaaaaa gw binggung mau nulis apa lagi!! huhuhuh

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