Sabtu, 14 Agustus 2010

My first post using english

it's the end of holiday. i will give u the good news first. I have been busy, cooking a lot, try to making cookies n cake, reading many book of recipe, and more.

I always feel better after that, feel like so much more happy once i have pushed my self to do it.

I wanted to let you all know that i have become a good candy maker or a sweet chef, someday in my own kitchen, hahahaha

everyday in this holiday at ramadhan, i waste my time on my mom's kitchen, try to making food or cake from the book of recipe, and after that the kitchen is in a terrible mess, hahaha sorry mom.

Well, i doing good for my self, hahahaha and you know, i am really enjoying cooking.

And the bad news is, i must left my mom's kitchen and back to the class, hehehe

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